The brand “SSW – sweat stop wear” was established in response to excessive sweating problems in the armpit. SSW products by themselves do not prevent the sweating process, but protect the clothes, despite sweating, to stay dry and protected from unwanted sweat stains, while also reducing the cost of maintaining and cleaning their clothes. The first product within the SSW brand is a sweatshirt business.

The very name Business came up with the idea precisely because business people give off a special kind of sweat caused by daily stress, such a sweat of an unpleasant smell and often destroy shirts, jackets or jackets after only a few wear to the point that it rarely helps dry cleaning to eliminate unpleasant scents. Sweat caused by stress contains much more protein and lipids than ordinary heat sweat, which is mostly composed of water (H2O) and a small amount of minerals.

Fats and proteins from the sweat that is caused by stress combined with the bacteria that live on your skin result in intense and unpleasant body odor.

The product is made of high quality STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® cotton (95%) with elastin (5%). In our undershirts, as in all our future products, we incorporate a special sweater made of cotton (70%) and polyester (30%) with special technology that allows sweat to absorb and then transform it into water vapor that evaporates in the form of warm air, thus protecting your upper layers of sweat stains underarms. The sweatshirt business shirt is intended for anyone who has problems with excessive sweating in the armpit area and who wants to protect their outer layers of clothing (jacket, leather jacket, sweater, sweater, coat, vest) from unpleasant odors and smudges under the armpits.

The SSW shirt is protected by industrial design at the State Intellectual Property Office.